72nd New York State Volunteer Infantry

Company C

3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 3rd Corps

Army of the Potomac

(Reenactors of the American Civil War)







The Coming Fury.

Volume 1 in the American Civil War Trilogy

by Bruce Catton


In this first volume of the trilogy, this book shows how the Union and the South inexorably moved toward war, and covers the start of the war.

Terrible Swift Sword.

Volume 2 in the American Civil War Trilogy

by Bruce Catton


In this second volume of the trilogy, this book shows how the Union and the South slowly reconciled themselves to all-out war.

Never Call Retreat.

Volume 3 in the American Civil War Trilogy

by Bruce Catton


The third and final volume in Bruce Catton's Centennial History of the Civil War covers the War from December 1862, to the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse

Battle Cry of Freedom.  The Civil War Era

by James McPherson


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

This book has been called the finest single volume on the Civil War and its background

With My Face to the Enemy

Edited by Robert Cowley, with essays by David Herbert Donald, Gary W. Gallagher, James M. McPherson, Stephen W. Sears, and others


This book examines the pivotal people and events of the Civil War, as told by some of the most respected historians of the Civil War.  While this is a serious book, it fits in well with a first-time reader of Civil War literature as well.  It is extremely well-written and very readable by reenactors of any level.

High Tide at Gettysburg

by Glenn Tucker


This book tells the story of the Army of Virginia from June 3, 1863, when they began the invasion of Pennsylvania, to July 13, 1863, when they crossed the Potomac back into Virginia.


To the Gates of Richmond.  The Peninsula Campaign.

by Stephen M. Sears


The Peninsula Campaign of 1862 was the largest campaign of the Civil War.  This book provides the first complete account of the disastrous (to the Union) Peninsula Campaign.

The Uncivil War: Irregular Warfare In The Upper South, 1861-1865

(Vol. 5 in the 'Campaigns and Commanders' series)

by Robert R. Mackey


 A groundbreaking book telling an un-romanticized account of the guerrilla warfare waged by the South and the Union response.


Other suggested readings:

    1858 by Bruce Chadwick

    The Passing of the Armies by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

    The Battered Stars by Howard Coffin

    Personal Memoirs by Ulysses S. Grant

    The Most Fearful Ordeal by James M. McPherson

    McClellan's War by Ethan S. Rafuse

    Shock Troops of the Confederacy by Fred L. Ray

    River Run Red.  The Fort Pillow Massacre by Andrew Ward

    The Sword of Lincoln.  The Army of the Potomac by Jeffrey D. Wert

    The 72nd New York Infantry in the Civil War  by Rick Barram


Fictional works about the Civil War

    The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara (made into the movie 'Gettysburg')

    The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara (sequel to 'The Killer Angels')

    Gone for Soldiers by Jeff Shaara (a prequel to 'The Killer Angels')


What if...? Fiction

    1862 by Robert Conroy (what if England had gone in on the side of the Confederacy)

    Gettysburg by Newt Gingrich & William R. Forstchen (what if Lee had gone to the right....part 1)

    Grant Comes East by Newt Gingrich & William R. Forstchen (part 2)

    Never Call Retreat by Newt Gingrich & William R. Forstchen  (part 3)


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